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More and more home owners are having CCTV cameras installed in their homes but which type are best to use?

As with all services the cost of a good quality CCTV camera can vary and a cheap option from somewhere like Amazon may only set you back around £20. The more expensive versions with all the features that are vandal-proof may be £450 or more.

You will also need to factor in buying additional equipment to work with the camera as, depending on the type and design you purchase, each different camera will come with different connectors and recording equipment.

Whats on the CCTV camera market?

Expert Reviews have compiled a list of the best CCTV cameras on offer in 2022 with the following being rated as the best in each category:

Blink Mini: The best indoor budget security camera

Key specs – Size: 50 x 49 x 36mm; Field of view: 110 degrees; Video resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 at 30fps; Night vision: Yes; Motion detection: Yes

Eufy SoloCam E40: The best security camera for outdoor use

Key specs – Size: 57 x 96 x 57mm; Weight: 399g; Field of view: 130 degrees; Video resolution: 2,304 x 1,296; Night vision: Up to 8m; Motion detection: Yes (with adjustable sensitivity and AI person detection)

Click the link to see the full list from Expert Reviews.

The Independent Newspaper also published their list of the best 6 indoor CCTV cameras to look at.

Things to consider when buying a CCTV camera

If finding the best CCTV camera for your home wasn’t difficult enough there are a number of factors involved to consider:

Its Range and Definition

As anyone with a smart phone will know the range and definition of your camera photos and videos differ from phone to phone and there’s no difference with a CCTV camera. The more expensive version will have a better field of vision and a sharper picture being able to pick out the features of someone trying to break in and

Does it have Night-vision?

Cameras may operate very well during the hours with good sunlight but what about during the evening and night? A good CCTV camera will need to have excellent night-vision in order to identify and capture anyone trying to invade your property.

Is it wired or wireless?

There are two types of CCTV camera, those that are wired as in hard-wired into your home electrical circuit or attached to a physical recording system, and those that are wireless, operating on a closed network or your WiFi system. The first sort don’t have a problem with battery life while wireless versions will need to be checked up on regularly to make sure they’re operational. The wireless versions have the benefit of being able to be placed in more difficult to reach places and don’t require much drilling or electrical work.

Where to position it

The placement of your cameras is essential in order to guard your home or business and will need to be in places that are easy to access such as close to doors, windows and overlooking driveways if you have parked cars or vans. The main purpose of CCTV is as a deterrent so make them visible.

Recording video

It is best practice to record the video your cameras are recording just in case you need to refer to the footage later on or to help the authorities with an investigation. This can be a costly affair as you’ll need storage space of some sort to save the files. Either a cloud service can be used to back up the recordings (this will require using your broadband or a WiFi connection which could be an additional cost) or a physical recording device can be used but keep in mind any wiring or connections that need to be made.


Many of the better CCTV cameras may need a qualified electrician to install them especially if the installation required drilling holes in the outside of your property and linking to the main electrical circuits of your home. Make sure you follow all the available guidance and always consult a professional security system installer.

So what’s next?

You may find this article from Which useful: Should you invest in CCTV? What’s the difference between wired and wireless home security camera options?

All in all CCTV is only one of the defences against becoming a victim of crime and as a strategy works best when you combine it with other measures such as an intruder alarm, window and door locks, security lights and simple things such as gravel around your property.

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