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You may be asking yourself “do I need an intruder alarm” and to help we’ve put this blog post together to help you consider why you may want to get one installed.

6 ways an Intruder Alarm can benefit your home

Stop a burglary before it happens

A big positive in having an intruder alarm or burglar alarm fitted to your home is that it can often deter an attempted break-in before it even happens. Intruders do no want to be caught and will always try an easy target first. Making your property more secure by fitting an alarm means you’re less likely to be the one attracting attention. Intruders are more likely to leave a home with a smart security system than one without.

Protect your home and property from theft

The average home in North London has a number of valuable items and objects of sentimental value, not to mention the cost of new windows and doors. Everything from laptops, mobile phones and jewellery can be easy targets while expensive cars can also be taken. By installing a security alarm system anyone who shouldn’t be in your property will be detected triggering the alarm. This will notify everyone in the surrounding area that there is a problem and our monitoring service can instantly alert you and the Police of any intrusions.

Peace of mind when you are away

If you are worried about being away from your home for periods of time or you’ve left your family at home the peace of mind of having your alarm and monitoring system can help. If there is a break-in your intruder alarm system will alert you so you will be updated on the situation. Cameras inside and outside your home can be linked to mobile phone apps so you can see what is going on. Our monitoring systems can alert you immediately and also alert the Police and authorities.

Help to reduce your home insurance

Being able to invest in an intruder alarm for your home is one of the best ways to cut down your home insurance costs. The more protection your home or business has the less likely it will be a target for intruders which means your property is at less risk. This is often reflected when it comes to your home insurance renewal quote.

Increase your home’s value

A home security system that is already installed and maintained can be a great incentive for prospective buyers. Not having an additional cost to install one themselves means less expense for your home buyer while they also have the peace of mind that their new property won’t be as likely to be attacked.

Increase the chances of police catching criminals

A high-end security system is likely to increase the chances of Police catching any intruder and also of obtaining a conviction. In 2019, only 1 in 20 burglaries resulted in an intruder being caught and charged. A security monitoring system can automatically notify the Police and your neighbours and a quick response is essential to apprehend an intruder. CCTV, if installed, will then be able to capture a record of the break-in and hopefully lead to a conviction by allowing the intruder to be identified.

So what’s next?

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