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Access Control

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Having strong locks in place in a residential or commercial property provides a certain level of protection but it may not always be enough. Businesses with conventional locks are usually left open for most of the day. And while it may sound surprising, thieves will also try the front door of your home first as it can often offer an easy way to gain entry.

At Cycad Security we understand how vulnerable homes and business properties can be to opportunist theft and malicious damage. Our access control systems offer more protection for your family and home, while increasing security measures for businesses, staff members and company assets. It’s a cost-effective way of vetting non-staff visitors to verify their identity so you remain in control at all times.

Access control systems also reduce the cost and inconvenience associated with lost or stolen keys, removing the need to re-issue a new set. Keys are easily copied, which increases security risks for your home or business. We design and install card readers, keypads, biometric/fingerprint access panels, proximity cards/key fobs and other keyless entry systems that instantly safeguard the inside of your property.

If you have existing security technology in place, such as intercoms, CCTV or burglar alarms our access control systems can add another layer of protection. When you book our free site survey, you get access to a qualified security surveyor who can suggest the most suitable system for your property. We offer a complete service from start to finish, delivering expert advice and guidance every step of the way.

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Access Control

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At Cycad we can help to keep your home and business secure long-term with our service and maintenance plans. We can also offer a comprehensive alarm monitoring service. Find out more below.

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